• Tickets enable access to the club halls- regular ticket enables access to the main hall, the VIP-ticket enables access in addition to the main hall also to the VIP-rooms and the VIP-area in the main hall.
  • The reservation fee is Your drink credit for the night in the amount of which You may order drinks from Your waitress according to our drinks menu. In case the sum spent on drinks is smaller than the prepaid reservation fee, the club does not compensate the difference between the sums.


All fees are expressed in Euros and include the VAT. Vabank reserves the right to unilaterally change the fees and their terms and conditions. Any such changes come into force only upon publishing on our webpage. All orders that have been confirmed before such changes, will be applied the terms and conditions that were in effect at the time of making the order.

Payment can be done via bank link or using Your credit card or PayPal account. After making Your choice of payment, You will be transferred to the right service provider.

The order is in effect after completing the payment. Confirmation about the booking will be sent to the e-mail appointed by You in the order form.


  • Booking cancellation – Vabank Ltd compensates 100% of the booking fee, if the club is informed at least 5 days before the event about the cancellation and 50% of the booking fee, if the club is informed at least 3 days before the event. We do not compensate the booking fee upon cancellations informed less than 2 days before the event or upon failure to participate at the event.
  • Cancellation of an event  – Vabank Ltd reserves the right to cancel any event and is in such case obliged to compensate any prepaid fee in full amount.

To cancel Your booking or forward any complaints, please send e-mail to: We will reply within 5 business days.

The deadline for complaints is 2 months.


It is safe to order from our webpage. We do not reveal Your personal data to any third parties and use them only for fulfilling your order and solving any issues concerning the order.


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